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05Mar15: Thurssday                    Daily SummariesArchived Daily Summaries: Here
SL Assessment Statements HERE.                       Option Assessment Statements on Archive page.     

G4 Packet HERE

06Mar15 Fri:

05Mar15 Thu: D&Q Chap. 5.4 Bond Enthalpies; Bond Enthalpies WS (posted to calendar)04Mar15 Wed: Warm Up #3 (posted to calendar);
03mar15 Tue: Thermite Demonstration (outside); Thermite WS (posted to calendar)
02Mar15 Mon: Go over Warm Up (fri); D&Q Hess' Law (PP posted 23Feb); Hess' Law WS (posted to calendar)

27Feb15 Fri: Warm Up (posted to calendar); Feedback on G4 Project Feasibility
26Feb15 Thu: D&Q Chap. PP (Enthalpy); Enthalpy WS (posted to calendar)
25Feb15 Wed: Thermite Demonstration (postponed); Warm up; Demonstrations: Woofer bottle & Magic Money; Workday24Feb15 Tue: D&Q Chap. 5 PP; Heat & Phase Changes WS (posted to calendar)
23Feb15 Mon: D&Q Chap. 5 PP (posted to calendar); Heat Calculation WS (posted to calendar)

Chap. 5. Thornley Videos

16Feb15-20Feb15:  Mid-Winter Break

13Feb15 Fri: Chap. 5 PreAssessment; Workday; Video: Hunting the Elements
12Feb15 Thu: TEST- Chap. 4
11Feb15 Wed: MANDATORY G4 Meeting-8:15 Lyceum Theater; Test Review Workday; Review WS (posted Monday)
10Feb15 Tue: Chap. 4 Post Assessment; TLC Lab Workday
09Feb15 Mon: Lab: Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) (posted to calendar); Test Review WS & Key (posted to calendar);

Chap. 4 Thornley Videos

Chap. 3 Thornley Videos

Chap. 1 Thornley Videos

Chap. 2 Thornley Videos

Chap. 11 Thornley Videos

This class uses a Flipped Classroom Model. Read more HERE.

SL Information
TurnItIn.com info:  SL class ID is: 8863006    PW: Cobalt

Here is the 2014-2015 Class Expectations! (Signed sheets due Wednesday 10Sep14)

PARENTS: Method of Contact HERE.

Study help: website practice questions HERE. Also, ChemGuide is useful for information.

Knowledge of 2 options is required for the SL exam.
Thornley Videos on SOME of the options HERE. (Options: A, B, D, F)
Analytical:  A1-A7
Biochemistry: B1-B6
Industry & Technology: C1-C7
Medicines & Drugs: D1-D7
Environmental: E1-E8
Food: F1-F6
Further Organic: G1-G8

HL Information
HL Test help HERE (Top Mistakes on the HL IB Exam)

HL Assessment Statements HERE  

2014-2015 HL Syllabus.(Signed sheets due Wednesday 10Sep14)
PARENTS: Method of Contact HERE.

TurnItIn.com info:  HL Class ID: 8863020  PW: Xenon

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