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19Sep14: Friday                    Daily SummariesArchived Daily Summaries: Here

This is a publisher website with (potentially) helpful links.         (This has been on the Archived Files page!)
SL Assessment Statements HERE.         Another VERY helpful website to help with Assessment Statements.
Some REVIEW help: This guy is GOOD, watch his videos.  100 Mistakes on IB Exams: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

19Sep14 Fri: TEST- Chap. 11 Measurement and Uncertainties
18Sep14 Thu: Workday - Review
17Sep14 Wed: Post-Assessment & Reflection; Lab (cont. if needed); Chap. 11 Review WS & WS 2 (Posted to calendar)
16Sep14 Tue: LAB: How Accurate (Posted to calendar); WEAR APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR and CLOTHING.
15Sep14 Mon: WarmUp; Go over 11.3 PP (Posted to calendar); Graphing WS* (due Thu)(Posted to calendar); Graphing Practice WS (posted to calendar); Online Safety Quiz (must pass w/ 85% or higher)

12Sep14 Fri: Workday
11Sep14 Thu: Go over 11.2 PP (posted to calendar); Uncertianties WS (posted to calendar);  Curriculum Night
10Sep14 Wed: Chap. 11 Notes (cont.)(Remember; NOTES AT HOME); Prefix practice (posted to calendar); Sig. Fig Practice (posted to calendar); Sig Fig Rules Practice (posted to calendar);
09Sep14 Tue: Chap. 11 Pre-Assessment; Chap. 11 Notes (posted to calendar)
08Sep14 Mon: Safety (cont.); Semester 1 Pre-Assessment (to get a baseline);

05Sep14 Fri: Safety (visual room exploration & discussion)
04Sep14 Thu: Expectations (cont.); Exploring classroom; Human Bingo/Box-out (get to know activity)
03Sep14 Wed: First day of school; Introductions; Expectations (student driven-of Instructor and themselves)

This class uses a Flipped Classroom Model. Read more HERE.

SL Information
TurnItIn.com info:  SL class ID is:    PW:
Here is the 2014-2015 Class Expectations! (Signed sheets due Wednesday 10Sep14)

PARENTS: Method of Contact HERE.

Textbook Resource Weblink: Here
Study help: website practice questions HERE. Also, ChemGuide is useful for information.

Knowledge of 2 options is required for the SL exam.
Analytical:  A1-A7
Biochemistry: B1-B6
Industry & Technology: C1-C7
Medicines & Drugs: D1-D7
Environmental: E1-E8
Food: F1-F6
Further Organic: G1-G8

HL Information
HL Test help HERE (Top Mistakes on the HL IB Exam)

HL Assessment Statements HERE   HL End of Course Topics; Practice WS1; Practice WS2 (w/Answers)

HL Finals Review TOPICS and PRACTICE/REVIEW PROBLEMS  (posted Friday, 10Jan14)

2014-2015 HL Syllabus.(Signed sheets due Wednesday 10Sep14)
PARENTS: Method of Contact HERE.

HL Chemistry End Of Course (EOC) Review(s):

TurnItIn.com info:  HL Class ID:   PW:

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